An Orchestra™ to tune your company

Throughout over 30 years of operation, the senior consultant team of Orchestra Soluções de Gestão has been serving hundreds of companies from 50 sectors, national and international, including industry, trade, service and holdings, most family controlled, in addition to non-family, publicly traded and even non-profit organizations.

The reference, quality, differential and results of our support are recognized in Brazil and abroad, also by the leading Bandeirantes Radio and TV network, with our inclusion in their "Successful Entrepreneurs" program, recorded and made available through the link.

Our support on management solutions has been given to

  • Successful and expanding companies
  • Companies undergoing reorganization and modernization
  • Succession and professionalization of family businesses
  • Companies in crisis, requiring restructuring, turnaround and recovery
  • Investors and creditor financial institutions

in whose scenarios and demands we represent support for