An Orchestra™ to tune your company

For over 30 years, Orchestra's team of senior associated consultants has served hundreds of companies in 50 sectors, including industry, commerce, services and holding companies, most of which are family owned, in addition to non-family owned, publicly traded, foreign and even non-profit organizations.

Our support on management solutions has been given to

  • Successful and expanding companies
  • Companies undergoing reorganization and modernization
  • Succession and professionalization of family businesses
  • Companies in crisis, requiring restructuring, turnaround and recovery
  • Investors and creditor financial institutions

in whose scenarios and demands we represent support for

See the “Real Cases” page for typical examples of demands solved by the Orchestra advisory and support team.

Get in touch and we will be happy to schedule a meeting directly with our senior associated consultants to exchange ideas, suggestions and guidelines regarding the solution of your specific demand or to detail cases, experiences and results achieved.