Areas of expertise



The business management solutions provided by the Orchestra team and multidisciplinary consultative structure, extend to 5 macro support vectors, with their various by-products, each coordinated by a specialist associate, whose set forms its Executive Committee.

Corporate Governance, Strategy, Succession, Management, Operations, Systems, Controls

  • Corporate Governance and Board of Directors
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Operational management
    • Commercial and Marketing
    • Market intelligence
    • People
    • Production
    • Finance
    • Controllership
  • Corporate and strategic communication
  • Accounting / Controlling
  • Processes, Systems and Controls
  • GDPR and cybersecurity
  • External audit
  • Compliance
  • Diagnostics and Due diligence
  • Business Recovery, restructuring and Turnaround
  • Liability renegotiation
  • Valuation of companies and assets
  • Family Succession, in the dimensions of management, shareholding and wealth
  • Architecture, design, visual and corporate identity
  • Brands and patents
  • Interim Management (pioneering in Brazil since 1981)

Finance, Funding, Investment structuring, Patrimonial and inheritance planning, and M&A

  • Investment structuring = Brazil and abroad
  • Patrimonial and inheritance planning
  • Budgets and feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of projects and opportunities
  • Funding (credit and investors) = local and international
  • Asset sales
  • Going public
  • M&A = local and International
  • Valuation

Strategic People Management and Organizational Development

  • Executive search
  • “Assessment Center”
  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Organizational and job structure
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Organizational culture and climate
  • Carrier and succession
  • Executive coaching
  • Competence and performance evaluation
  • People Due diligence for M&A purpose

Conflict and Legal Solutions

Legal Support

  • Corporate
  • Civil
  • Labor
  • Tax
  • Litigation
  • Business Recovery
  • Environmental
  • Administrative
  • Economic
  • Penal
  • Family and Succession
  • International
  • Legal due diligence for M&A

Mediation / Arbitration / Negotiation

  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • DSD
  • Dispute Boards
  • Advanced negotiation


Orchestra™'s team of senior associated consultants' ability to solve business management demands is complemented by several partners, both individual professionals and service companies, occasionally added as a result of their qualification and fine-tuning, acting in the case under the team’s coordination and monitoring.
This complementarity extends to specialties such as:

  • Legal Advice
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Strategic People Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Accounting and controls
  • Sizing and market research
  • Foreign trade and foreign exchange
  • KPI - Management Control Indicators
  • Brands and patents
  • Outplacement
  • Systems
  • Maquila Paraguay
  • Political and Economic Scenario
  • Factoring and Mercantile Promotion
  • M&A – acquisitions, sales and joint ventures
  • International outsourcing, procurement, monitoring, quality control, supply and financing