Areas of expertise


Where ORCHESTRA specializes in

Within its linking concept, ORCHESTRA presently offers through its associated members SOLUTIONS for corporate demands in 5 management vectors, including its several by-products, each one under coordination of a specilized and skilled associate, this team forming the Executive Committee.

Orchestra™ operating structure has been developed and focused on demands of medium and bigger companies. Smaller cases, such as chains of resales, franchises or so may be served, depending on mutual and punctual feasibility considerations.

Corporate Governance, Strategy, Management and Succession

  • Business diagnosis and Due Diligence
  • Shareholding restructuring
  • Introduction, structuring and participation........ of Directors
  • Organizational structure and decision process
  • Operating and processes dimensions
  • Market intelligence, marketing, production, finance, people, controls, technology, supply, logistics
  • Strategic and corporate communication
  • Strategic and performance control systems and tools
  • Processes, financial and operational IT systems and controls
  • Accounting
  • External independent auditing
  • Corporate modernization, restructuring and recovery
  • Professionalization and succession: management, shareholding and wealth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business bankruptcy, turnaround and recovery
  • Debt renegotiation
  • Interim Management (pioneered by our crew in Brazil, since 1981)

Finance, Funding and M&A

  • Funding (credit and shares), local and international
  • Divestiture processes
  • M&A, local and international
  • Budgeting and feasibility studies
  • Project evaluation
  • Assets and company appraisals and valuation
  • Going public

People and Organizational development

  • Executive search
  • “Assessment Center”
  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Organizational and job structure
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Organizational culture and climate
  • Carrier and succession
  • Executive coaching
  • Competence and performance evaluation
  • People Due diligence for M&A purpose

Certified Partners

In order to expand the capacity to solve business management demands and challenges, Orchestra™ may eventually add to its “associates” other “certified partners”, punctually called in due to their similar qualification and tuning.

Specialties provided by “Certified Partners”

  • Legal Support.
  • Advertising.
  • Economic-Politic Scenarios.
  • Conflict Mediation.
  • Factoring.
  • Foreign trade and Exchange.
  • Market research and dimensioning.
  • MCI - Management Control Indicators.
  • Outplacement.
  • Trade marks, brands and patents.
  • Paraguay Maquila.
  • IT Systems.
  • Commercial and financial business
    with China.
  • International outsourcing, procurement, monitoring, quality control, supply and financing.
  • M&A – acquisitions, sales and joint ventures.