Orchestra Soluções


ORCHESTRATM Soluções Empresariais is an unique association of qualified and experienced business consulting organizations, with identical concepts, criteria, procedures and beliefs. Conceptually and informally operating since the creation in 1989, by Telmo Schoeler and partners, of STRATEGOSTM – Consultoria Empresarial in São Paulo, Brazil, it was legally established in 2002 and transformed into an independent company in 2012.

The logic to gather complementary services is based on the principle that any company works and should be viewed in a holistic and integrated way; that management deficiencies and demands are always multi-fold as should its solutions be, what means implemented by tuned and harmonic specialists.

So, ORCHESTRATM – Soluções Empresariais represents the guarantee of tuned and interdisciplinary services, formally recommended eventhough not obliged. It means the first and unique capacity to deliver tuned solutions in a “one stop full service” approach, thus representing the end of the traditional and uncommitted mere indication of service suppliers.