An Orchestra of integrated solutions

– Soluções Empresariais provides complete and comprehensive business solutions for companies

  • That are well performing and growing
  • In a professionalization / succession phase
  • Requiring modernization and restructuring
  • Making losses, deficiently managed or in turnaround
  • In shareholding conflicts or stress
  • Already acquired or being invested
  • Being started or already consolidated

we represent the best support to:

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Operating structure and service focus

Historically, Orchestra™ operating logic was developed and used only to attend demands of medium size and big companies. Realizing the importance and dimension of the small companies segment, as well as the lack of high level consulting support to such organizations, its associates decided to split and extend services into two DIVISIONS:

CORPORATE – the original division, focused on serving medium and big size companies, in accordance with procedures practiced and successfuly performed along decades with a large number of clients.

CAMERATTA – the new division dedicated to small companies, adjusting procedures, processes and investments to the complexity and financial dimensions of such firms, without giving up the principles of technicality, diagnostic seniority, holistic vision, strategy, focus on solution and value creation that are the essential drivers of Orchestra™.

CAMERATTA Division is being created through the use of an acquired specific software making us capable to operate systemically by internet the consulting activities, data request and sending, dialog between the team and the client, image sending, teleconference meetings, etc. thus eliminating or reducing substantially costs derived from physical presence and travel by the consulting team, although keeping the exclusive seniority, capacity and ability of our associates available now also to chains of small businesses (sector associations, resellers, franchises, owner's unions and others).

Many clients have been served over 30 years with business solutions within the OrchestraTM principles and philosophy, including industrial, commercial and service companies, of all sizes, both private and public, Brazilian and multinationals, in dozens of sectors of activity.

Contact us and we will be pleased to set a meeting to share specific experiences, cases, their outcome and results.